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P2PX Full-Fledged Banking is a decentralized payment, cryptocurrency swap, and cryptocurrency wallet with unique nickname identifier for ease of send and receive features to friends, family and more….

Fair Banking

Choose the currency type and swap at the lowest, most up-to-date rates of any existing exchange.

Fast Banking

Choose the desired swap between Crypto-to Crypto, Crypto-to-USD, or simply withdraw to traditional banking, PayPal, and more in seconds.

Trusty Banking

P2PX uses the latest security measures to ensure the security of customer data, and token storage off and on our platform for your protection.

How It Works

Simply sign up, and began to enjoy a hassle-free banking experience. Our bank is made of three crucial components to create a traditional banking feel for your crypto currency needs. Swap, send and receive, withdrawal, and more….

Blockchain For Business

You use P2PX Banking to send crypto currency to your employees and customers with the click of a button without all the high service rates or hassle. We guarantee liquidity so your receiving address can begin to withdraw, or use our bank issued debit card for daily use.

Easy Withdraw Process

Want to withdraw your funds in USD to your traditional bank? We can help! Simply swap to USD and chose withdraw. We will transfer your funds to your preferred traditional banking account in your chosen account within 6-72 hours depending on your banking institution.

Day-to Day Use

Experience trader, employer, or stay at home mom; P2PX Banking can fit your daily needs. All P2PX Banking users can use our bank for non-cryptocurrency volatility, or use our bank to send crypto to friends and family. Not enough? P2PX Banking also offer our users the ability to spend your available balance for daily use from our bank issued debit card. We aim to fill the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat with ease.

Open Market

With P2PX Banking you eliminate the cross-border transaction fee, and min processing time known in traditional banking. In today’s fast pace technology world, we need more cost effective and convenient ways to send and receive different currencies in seconds, not days. With blockchain technology and the P2PX Banking system you can now do just that. More so you can now experience all the benefits of cryptocurrency and eliminate the volatility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Search through our most up to date traditional questions here.

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01How does the P2PX token work?

P2PX Token is the native token in our banking and global unemployment benefit services at Join P2P. When you hold P2PX tokens you will receive discounts off fees, member purchases and more to come.

02Where can I purchase P2PX tokens?

P2PX Token is currently available on P2PB2B, Coinlim, and Grow Token Exchange, and of course here on our P2PX Bank. We will keep a stock of P2PX Tokens for purchase at all times so that every customer will be able to benefit from our offered savings.

03How can I use P2PX Bank as a day trader?

P2PX Bank is a great asset to day traders for staying ahead of the curve. We offer the ability to send crypto to exchange, and at closing back to your bank account to swap to USD instantly. This eliminates the possible overnight volatility.

04How do I load my account?

P2PX Bank currently offer two ways to add cryptocurrency to your account. You may purchase the available cryptocurrency for us, or send from another wallet or exchange to your P2PX Bank auto generated wallets.

05Will P2PX Bank support all cryptocurrency?

P2PX Bank currently will offer P2PX, ETH, BTC cryptocurrencies. We plan for growth to offer more in the near future.

06What platform is P2PX Built on?

P2PX Bank is built on the Ethereum open source code. This guaranties complete security and transparency of any transactions that have become available thanks to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

07What is the future performance of the P2PX Token?

P2PX Token is a fluctuating token with a needed use case. We believe the P2PX token will continue to raise at a stable rate over time. Given the total supply of 100 Million we feel that P2PX is in a prime position for growth.

08What is the guarantee of liquidity?

Being a decentralized bank, we can only guarantee the P2PX Token liquidity. Although we will only add tokens that are proven in liquidity, we cannot guarantee the liquid value at any given time as it fluctuates.

09Will I be able to see all my transaction history for my records?

Yes, you will be able to see all your token swaps from cryptocurrency to USD and back. We will also provide you with your monthly statement available online.

10Will P2PX Bank be available on iPhone and Android mobile app?

P2PX Bank will be available for both mobile applications very soon. We will make a formal announcement by email, in all communities and on website when we have deployed the mobile applications.

11When can I get the P2PX USB device?

P2PX Bank will make a formal announcement when all the development of our P2PX Hard Wallet is complete and ready for orders. Please check back for formal announcement for pre purchases. Purchases will be available soon!

12Binance was hacked. How safe is P2PX?

P2PX Bank is in the process of offering a purchasable USB device for storage of your wallet keys, that update after each use. In the meantime, before any funds are moved you must verify your identity. This is a second layer of protection!

Transaction History

We strongly believe in transparency, so you can view our current liquidity values on a day to day basis below.

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