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Learn more about our current and upcoming services offered. P2PX Banking goals is to stay ahead of the curve!

Cryptocurrency Conversion to USD Stop-Loss and Withdrawal System

With P2PX Banking, every user is given that unique opportunity to interchange between cryptocurrency and USD with ease. Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrency, you will find this feature to be incredibly helpful in helping you stop a loss or make a quick gain. P2PX Banking uses a stop-loss marker that is placed at the time and amount of your conversion. This guarantees that with the setting of the conversion, the timestamp and current cryptocurrency price are set as well. When your cash is in USD, you can easily keep it in the account or withdraw it through a transfer made to your traditional bank.

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Send and Receive Cryptocurrency and USD with P2PX Banking “Save”

The entire landscape of sending cryptocurrency is changing with Money. With a very friendly and vibrant platform created, customers are now able to use the “Save” feature which enables you to save your loved one (like mom, dad, BFF) as a nickname in your personal “Save” address book. While saving this contact, you can easily add their cryptocurrency receiving address. To quickly send money to them, simply click “Send Money”, choose from your “Save” address book and all the information saved will autofill. Choose the amount and send…1,2,3 and Voila! It is the fastest way to send coins to the ones you love!

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Real World Use

It is vital that everyone who is related to us gets quality user experience and is guaranteed top security. However, our aim transcends that because we realize that we have to become a real player in the field of cryptocurrency in order truly providing help that will be on a global scale. To do this, we provide you with P2PX Bank.

P2PX Bank will offer every customer with a Visa card that can be used 24/7. This will not only make it easy for you to switch your currency to USD, but will enable you to use the card in any store across the world that accepts Visa card.

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Our Services

P2PX Full-Fledged Banking is a decentralized payment, cryptocurrency swap, and cryptocurrency wallet with unique nickname identifier for ease of send and receive features to friends, family and more….

Fair Banking

Choose the currency type and swap at the lowest, most up-to-date rates of any existing exchange.

Fast Banking

Choose the desired swap between Crypto-to Crypto, Crypto-to-USD, or simply withdraw to traditional banking, PayPal, and more in seconds.

Trusty Banking

P2PX uses the latest security measures to ensure the security of customer data, and token storage off and on our platform for your protection.

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Join the most innovative financial relief platform in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space today. There is none like us!

Coin Gecko


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Coin Marketcap


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P2PB2B Exchange


p2pb2b is a new trading platform that provides businesses and individual traders with Low commissions, Multi-Support, Strong Security, and Open API.

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Binance Trust Wallet


Trust - Secure Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet for All your Crypto Assets.